In the time when everything became too loud, we have to slow down and listen to our inner voice



The Slow Muse listens to those who follow their inner voice to create projects that will make this world a better place. We focus our attention on the true essence of things and we believe in everything authentic.


Today the essence became fragile. It needs our support, our very special attention and a different kind of communication. That is the mission of The Slow Muse. More than just a blog or magazine about fashion, traveling or crafts, The Slow Muse is an attitude towards life, a way of living and thinking, a MOVEMENT..


Thank you for sharing our vision,

P.S. Currently I am based in a small village located in Southern Spain where I experience slow life at its fullest. If you have a slow project and you are based in the same region (or anywhere in the world!), please don't hesitate to contact me so that we can meet in person (or online) & you can get featured on The Slow Muse.

I speak English, Spanish and Russian.

You can follow my slow adventure via Instagram, where I share inspiring stories everyday.