Loewe and artesanía

The ethics of Loewe...

Loewe is the only Spanish brand that is part of the LVMH holding. Since its founding, the brand has been closely associated with handwork and craftsmanship, or artesanía as they say here in Spain. All leather accessories were created by hand by true masters of their craft or artesanos, which helped Loewe find its unique positioning in Spain and worldwide.


Not so long ago the Loewe brand experienced a solid rebranding in order to adapt to a new, younger market, but artesanía continues to be one of the core values ​​of the brand. Being conscious of the fragile position of many crafts (many which are simply dying because younger generations do not want to learn from their elder family members as they don't see any possible income from crafts these days), Loewe supports crafts by all available means.
Last month during Salone del Mobile in Milan, which is considered one of the main world design events, Loewe presented to the public a collection of wicker baskets made of leather. Craftsmen from all over the world worked on the Loewe Baskets collection, while Spanish artisans from Galicia helped the brand create a collection of bags, which will be on sale starting May 30.